August - Seamróg

The theme of our August box was the humble shamrock (or 'seamróg' in Irish) and featured a very special selection of gifts that we hope bring our subscribers luck and joy!

Did you know? 

All shamrocks are actually clovers, but not all clovers are shamrocks! 


Shamrock Earrings & Pendant 

This beautiful set from Trinity jewellery is lovely enough to wear everyday, but special enough to elevate any outfit. Worn together or separately these pieces are guaranteed to garner compliments. Some will receive silver, some rose gold, both equally stunning & elegant. 


The Little Shamrock Candle 

It may be called the little shamrock candle, but believe us when we say there is nothing diminutive about this amazing candle from The Irish Chandler! From their beautiful Co Clare workshop, this divinely scented candle has been hand poured in small batches, & has been made using only the finest ingredients, including 100% soy. Scented of clover & primrose, close your eyes and allow its intoxicating fragrance transport you to shamrock strewn meadows! 

Shamrock Guide & Postcards 

Combining her lovely botanical watercolour drawings with truly fascinating shamrock lore, Sonia Caldwell has created a guide that is as beautiful as it is educational. We just happen to think that it is the perfect keepsake! Why keep all this Irish loveliness to yourself; gift a postcard to treasured family & friends. 

Hand Bound Notebook 

Who doesn’t love a notebook, and this gorgeous one from Duffy Bookbinders does not disappoint! Based in Dublin, this fourth generation family business is synonymous with quality workmanship, and it shows. This brightly hued notebook, reminiscent of a shamrock, is perfect for musings or drawings of your own, & will slip easily into your handbag! Maybe attempt your own shamrock watercolour!