November - Granny's Cottage

There’s no place like home, and there’s no home quite like Granny’s Cottage. 

Our November theme is all about our favourite comforts; a pot of soup on the stove, wrapping yourself in a handmade blanket, and settling down by the fire with family and friends. 

While the great outdoors of Ireland is truly breathtaking, inside the homes of the Irish people can special too. For our November box, we wanted to transport our big Irish family to the comfort and joy of a traditional Irish home on a Sunday afternoon.  

The country air is crisp as the days grow shorter, but inside, the peat burning stove keeps everyone cosy.  You are barely through the door before Granny cries: 

‘Take your coat off or it’ll be no good to you when you go outside!’ 

The kettle never goes cold and no one ever goes hungry, as Granny’s kitchen produces a never-ending stream of biscuits. Why is tea always better at Granny’s? 

There’s no shortage of tales to tell, as brothers, sisters, cousins and friends come and go from Granny’s throughout the day. But, you will need to be fast if you want to get a word in edgeways...

Every table is adorned with trinkets, and on every wall a blessing. 

‘May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire.’

We hope you enjoy being spirited away to Granny’s this month, and as Granny would say - don’t be a stranger now!

Irish Cottage Turf Burner 

A little Irish cottage for you to use, gift or keep . Light the mini peat bricks  and place on the hearth to watch the smoke rise through the chimney of the cottage. A typical Irish countryside scene with the distinctive scent of an Irish turf peat fire right in your home! 


Big Red Kitchen Brown Soda Bread Mix


This mix couldn’t make it simpler for you to whip up a brown soda loaf at home. A real Irish comfort. You can read all about Big Red Kitchen in our 'meet the maker' blog too. 


Irish Blessings Tea Towel 

We hope this tea towel brings you joy, each time you read one of the homely Irish blessings. 

The Dingle Candle Luxury Scented Sachet


Dingle Candle produce a  range of hand poured natural soy candles, and other scented product designed to excite.  They are premium products, cottage rustic finished with great attention to detail. Delight in the scent of Dingle! 

Connemara Marble Worry Stone 


"What have you possibly got to be worrying about?"

Another classic from Granny!

Connemara Marble is found in the most westerly and remote areas of Ireland. Hand carved and hand polished,  this worry stone is a traditional gift across generations.  


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