How Big Is Ireland Compared to Texas? (Comparisons in Size)

Many Texans have an Irish heritage due to the influx of immigrants from Ireland in the 1800s. Ireland is such an influence in the state that a survey in the 1980s found that nearly 600,000 Texans described themselves as being of Irish descent.

Based on these numbers, it’s no wonder that so many Texans want to know more about the Emerald Isle, including trying to better understand what Ireland is like compared to Texas.

In this short guide we will reveal the size of Ireland compared to Texas. Then a little lower down we’ve  included some interesting comparisons on the two places. For those Irish Texans wanting to increase their knowledge of the mother country, this should be an invaluable resource! 

How big is Ireland compared to Texas? The state of Texas is 695,662 square kilometres compared to Ireland which is 84,421 square kilometres. That means Ireland is just 12.14% the size of Texas which can also be said to be over 8 times bigger than Ireland. 

Ireland compared to Texas: interesting size comparisons 

Now you know exactly how big Ireland is compared to Texas, we wanted to put things into perspective a bit further. Texas is 8 times bigger than Ireland, but did you also know that Ireland compared to Texas throws up the following interesting comparisons?

Population size comparisons 

The population of Texas is 28,995,881 making the head count in the state 4 times bigger than Ireland where the population is 6,572,728. 

Given that we know around 600,000 Texans believe themselves to have Irish descent, you could say that Texas has one tenth the Irish population of the Emerald Isle itself!

City size comparisons 

The Irish capital city of Dublin has an area covering 115 square kilometres. Compare that in size to the capital of Texas, where Austin has an area that covers 326 square kilometres.

Crunching the numbers again, this means that Austin in Texas is nearly three times bigger than Dublin. Alternatively, you could say the Dublin in Ireland is only 35% the size of Austin. 

Coastline length size comparisons 

If there’s one thing that Ireland can win the size comparisons on, and that’s the length of the coast! The island of Ireland has 1,448 kilometres of stunning shoreline. Compare this to Texas which has a rather smaller coast of 591 kilometres.

For once, Texas is the smaller cousin compared to the size of Ireland, with a coastline that is nearly 41% compared to the Irish one. 

Ireland compared to Texas: interesting differences 

So, that’s the size of Ireland compared to Texas with just a few interesting side by side comparisons, but there are more differences than just their size. We decided to look at some other ways in which the two places are very different. 

  • Ireland has no snakes; Texas is home to over 105 different snake species.
  • Ireland has 89 McDonald’s restaurants; Texas has 834.
  • People in Ireland have a life expectancy of 81.96 years; in Texas it’s 78.5 years.
  • The hottest ever day recorded in Ireland is 33 °C (91F); in Texas it’s 49 °C (120F). 

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