What is the Rainiest Month in Ireland?

A common misconception about Ireland is that it’s always raining. We do get our sunny days for sure, but that lush green grass you see on the Emerald Isle needs a decent amount of rainfall each month to keep it in tip top condition. 

Despite what you might think, it doesn’t rain all year round in Ireland, but there are months that tend to get more rain than others. If you’re planning on visiting us for a trip and are worried about what wet weather gear to bring, then we’ve got you covered with this short guide to Irish rainfall. 

To answer your initial question first though, which month has the most rain? 

What is the rainiest month in Ireland? The rainiest month in Ireland can differ depending on whether you are in the country but will usually fall in December and January. However, the month for highest rainfall levels in Dublin is October with an average of 76mm of rain. 

But please don’t think if you’re travelling outside of those months that you won’t need to pack your wellies. We always say that visitors to Ireland should expect rain at any time, any day, and any month around the year! 

What to expect from Ireland’s weather? 

Ireland won’t be as cold and wet as you think it would be. Lying in the Atlantic Ocean means we’re warmed by the Gulf Stream all year round, leading to generally quite warm summer months and milder winters. 

But don’t let that fool you, we do get rain and if you’re from a warmer climate, we get far more rain than you would be used to! 

Does it rain a lot in Ireland? 

Compared to some places in the world, then yes of course it rains a lot in Ireland, and some months get it worse than others. But it all depends on what your definition of a lot of rain is. 

For example, some parts of Ireland actually get more rainfall than others, despite us being generally a small country – Texas is 8 times bigger than Ireland

Dublin is a great case in point. It’s generally quite a cool city, if a little on the damp side. But it certainly doesn’t see as much rain as places on the south west of Ireland. 

If you’re planning on visiting Kerry after Dublin, you might get wetter at your new destination compared to the capital city. The south western area gets more rain with the wet season tending to last from October through to January. 

The bottom line is, if you’re travelling to us from Canada or Northern Europe, you might even find the rainiest month in Ireland to perfectly normal. On the other, if you are a visitor coming from Australia or sunny California, you won’t be used to the rain. 

How to prepare for the rainiest months in Ireland 

If you’re in the middle of packing your bags for an Ireland trip and are worried about the rain, always be prepared; even in the summer you might need a light raincoat and a warm jumper. 

Get a taste of Ireland no matter what the weather

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit more what the rainiest months are in Ireland and how it might not be quite as wet as you think – depending on what you’re used to of course! 

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