Floral Gifts for the Irish at Heart

I am so excited to stroll through Ireland’s Garden with all of you – at least in spirit - as we delve into the wild and wonderful flowers that grow across our country’s 32 counties. I have a bunch of wonderful gifts which are being packaged up as we speak, ready to bring a little piece of Irish summer to our subscribers all over the world.

Those of you who know me well, know that I love flowers at any time of year – the wilder the better - and so I’ve planted plenty of little petal touches in many of our gifts over the years. Below I have picked out a few of my favourite floral flourishes for you to have a look at, and perhaps even cultivate your own little Irish at Heart garden box!

Bouquet of Bubbles



Busy bees have been collecting the sweet nectar of the Emerald Isle’s finest flowers to produce the humble yet healing beeswax in this luxurious lotion bar. The delicate flower design soothes and nourishes your skin as it melts under the warm water of the shower, locking in a barrier of moisture for the day ahead.

It exudes a heavenly scent of sweet orange and floral ylang-ylang that will linger on your skin long after you’ve towelled off. However, if you want an extra little boost as the day goes on, it comes with a handy little perfume oil to dab as and when you please!



Hippy Hair

While donning wildflowers in your hair everyday might be a bit of a logistical nightmare, you can still carry the essence of the bohemian lifestyle in your locks with this fantastically fragrant hair rinse from the Cork-based Daughter of Flowers.



Incorporating an intoxicating blend of chamomile and jasmine, the potion can be poured over your head to nourish and revitalise your hair – allowing you to breathe in the aroma of Ireland’s wildest gardens each time the wind catches your tresses. The fantastic fusion of leaves and petals is lovely to behold, introducing a welcome touch of the extraordinary to your usual beauty routine.



A Garden Cuppa


Daughter of Flowers harnesses the therapeutic properties of Ireland’s gardens to make you beautiful on the inside as well as out!

Founder Reidin’s ‘May you walk in beauty’ tea is a calming cocktail of florae - including nettle, heartsease pansy, sweet violet, red clover, dandelion and rose. The resultant infusion tastes just every bit as good as it looks and does your body all kinds of good – even after the last drop has been drunk!

Healthy liver, glowing skin and just all-round radiance are just some of the side-effects of this tasty tonic – it’s almost as effective as a bracing walk through Ireland’s great outdoors!


Flowerpot of Tea

Why not serve up the dried petals of your tea just as you might the flowers in your garden – in a charming little ceramic container.


These classic cups hail all the way from Co. Kilkenny, crafted in the workshop of the very talented Nicholas Mosse. The delicate, blue floral design brings a whimsical touch to the sturdy mugs – making them both pretty and practical. They’re so charming that you simply won’t want to pack them away into your crockery cupboard, but perhaps display them for all to see on the windowsill – rather like you would with real flowers!



A Burren Bag of Blooms


Anyone who was following along during our exploration of the Burren last year will know that the stunning Co. Clare landscape is home to some of Ireland’s most interesting species of plants – and a rather astonishing variety at that.

However, amongst some 1,100 blooms, the pointed periwinkle petals of the Spring Gentian stand out as a signature specimen. A rare sight in Ireland, the karst yet fertile grounds of the Burren allows for these gorgeous little flowers to thrive – a thrilling testament to the extraordinary nature of the area.


We wanted to commemorate this precious bloom in May’s 2021 curation, so designed a sweet clutch bag especially for our Irish at Heart subscribers. There’s still a few left in stock, so even if you missed out on the Burren Box, you can pick a beautiful Spring Gentian for your very own.

A Floral Foreword


You might have heard of the method of pressing your own flowers amidst the pages of a book but, if that seems too much of a hassle for you, there is another novel way to bring Ireland’s garden to your reading regime!

This stunning little bookmark from Sorrell Reilly is called "The Sun and Her Flowers”, and it’s a wonderful little reminder of the beauty and variety that sprouts forth from Irish soils. At just €2 a pop it’s wonderful to have a little stash of them for when you need a thoughtful little gift, or even if you’re one of those avid readers that always has a couple of books on the go at a time!

As if settling down to get lost in the land of literature isn’t pleasure enough, now you have a little burst of Irish florae each time you find your page.


Which of these lovely little gifts would remind you most of Ireland in bloom? Let me know in the comments below!