Introducing the "Irish at Heart" Podcast


Hello everyone! I am so proud and delighted to announce Irish at Heart: The Podcast!

When I first started Irish at Heart, my goal was to explore and support the world of small, independent & artisan businesses all across Ireland. With our subscription box, we deliver the very best of those goods to you every month.

As we continue with that mission, the Irish at Heart Podcast sees our hosts Amy and Conor speak to a diverse range of contemporary artists, creators and craftspeople who hail from the Emerald Isle. We learn their stories and how their work makes a difference in the world!

We've released a teaser trailer, which you can listen to below:

We'll be releasing an episode every month; and episode one is dedicated to the theme of "Grá", the Irish word for LOVE.
In our inaugural Meet the Maker section we talk with Sam agus Neasa, an award winning duo who design furniture and homeware using sustainable Irish timber.
Finally, Conor takes us through one of Dublin’s hidden gems with a centuries-old connection to love and romance.

We've got so much more on the way for the Irish at Heart podcast, and I couldn't be happier to have Amy and Conor continuing to showcase the very best of Ireland. I would love for you to listen to the trailer, and listen to episode one when it drops very soon!

Subscribe for Episode 1, launching 26/2! 🎧


  • Jane

    Would love to learn more about the Irish

  • Sue Daly

    Sounds so exciting!! Wishing you the best!!

  • Judith Dolan

    Just listened to episode one with my husband and we both really enjoyed it!

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