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Hopefully you’ve got all of your Christmas shopping done, dusted, and under the tree by now, so you can settle in for a stress-free festive period of fun. While much of the excitement is still to come, I already feel myself thinking “Oh no, it’s nearly all over!”

Sometimes when Christmas starts to slip into our review mirror, it’s difficult not to feel a little deflated, with all of that anticipation now a whole year away again. However, here at Irish at Heart we believe in finding the special little pockets of joy that come around completely unexpectedly.

Of course, you don’t need to spend any money at all to inject a bit of warmth into the winter months of your nearest and dearest – sometimes just taking a little bit of time to enjoy each other’s company is the best way to show them that you care! However, if you’re looking to bring a bit of Irish charm to their lives, we’ve got a lovely Winter Wishlist full of little somethings – that are sure to make anyone’s day a bit brighter!

Barry’s Tea


Sometimes over the festive period we all need a break from the harder liquids that we’ve been indulging in, and what better way to settle into the new year than with the perfect cuppa?

Be sure that you’ve got the very best brewing away in your teapot with a stash of Barry’s teabags. Despite what Lyons fans may say (Ireland is split pretty much 50/50 on this debate) Barry’s is only true taste of Irish breakfast tea – and I shan’t be hearing any differently!


Gift a box to your closest pals, to ensure that there’s always a warm cup of the good stuff when you pop over for a natter. Or, if your friends tend to frequent your own home, make sure to stock your shelves with the best blend for blethering!


Nicholas Mosse Clover Ceramic Mug

Of course, if you want to deliver the authentic Irish cuppa experience, you’ll be needing a gorgeous ceramic mug from Kilkenny to be pouring your brew into!



These gorgeous clover cups were made by the talented hands of Nicholas Mosse, a celebrated Irish potter, and lend a perfectly polished drop of rustic charm to any crockery collection. It’s a lovely little gift to show a friend that you care, with a bold yet delicate design that’s sure to make them think of you each time they reach into their cupboard for their favourite mug!


Originally part of our limited-edition St Patrick’s Day boxes, these little beauties were such a hit that we simply had to get some more in stock so we could share them with even more of the Irish at Heart community!


I always feel that when the time comes to take the decorations down, it can leave the place looking a bit bare and sad - as though all that winter cosiness has been sapped from the room! Christmas might have been and gone, but ‘tis still the season to be warm and snuggly.

That’s where this delightful little peat incense burner comes in, the perfect way to add a touch of Irish winter atmosphere to your household. Encased within a charming little ceramic recreation of an Irish cottage, once lit, the rich smell will transport you to rustic Tipperary, complete with a delicate little furl of smoke curling out of the petite chimney.


Now that the scene has been set, it’s time to get tucked into a good book, and where better to take your mind than deep into the world of Irish mythology?

Pocket Irish Legends by Tony Potter features 28 stories plucked straight from the ancient traditions of Irish storytelling, each traversing the magical history of the Emerald Isle – as told through the eyes of kings, warriors, faeries and dragons. It’s perfect for dipping in and out, giving a little boost of wonder to your day each and every time you pick it up.


While adults will be fascinated with the rich variety of Irish folklore, children will simply be delighted with the exciting tales and colourful pictures – making it a lovely option for a bedtime story. Although, parents may find themselves arguing over whose turn it is to be narrator – because each of these stories is as entrancing as the last!


What's Inside?

Each month we choose a wonderful theme to base our product curation around.

Whether it's Dublin, The Wild Atlantic Way or St Patrick's Day, we strive for every box to have something wonderful to wear, a gift to share, a treat to eat and a treasure to live in your home.

Every month we work with fantastic small Irish businesses; so no matter where you are in the world, you're helping Ireland!

A very special Irish at Heart Kids’ Box

Speaking of kids… if it’s a present for little ones that you’re looking for that we’ve got it all wrapped it for you, literally! Designed for ages 3-10, our limited-edition kids’ boxes are packed full of exciting treats to while away the winter months and bring them just a little closer to their Irish heritage.


Wrap them up with a soft and cosy lambswool scarf all the way from Donegal, which offers all of the warmth and NONE of the itchiness – the ideal combination for a day of playing in the snow. Choose between the adventures of Brian Boru the Warrior King, or Granuaile the Pirate Queen to enthral them with the legends of Ireland’s past, told alongside their brand-new friend of course – the fuzzy little bear hug that arrives all tucked up in its own little cardboard bed.


Pack light as you take them on a journey through Ireland, with this vibrant activity book for budding artists – all they’ll need is their imagination and coloured pencils. Of course travelling, even when it’s in our imagination, can work up a bit of an appetite – so we made sure to include a tasty little snack in the form of a milk chocolate chunk gookie!


It’s not just the wee ones who get peckish; if you’re looking for a treat of a slightly more sophisticated nature, then we’ve got just the thing in the larder!

These beautifully buttery oat cookies from Graham’s Bakery in County Down are sinfully moreish, so it’s just as well that each box contains a generous helping! I always have a few of these stashed in the house, for those moments when you are unexpectedly in need of a little minding for a friend or family member – and they always go down a treat.


That’s not to say that I don’t occasionally dip into the supply for my own purposes… but once I remember that golden, melt in your mouth sensation of these perfect little biscuits – it’s very hard to resist!

Foxford Woollen Mills Scarf


Last but certainly not least – what Winter Wishlist would be complete without a warm wrap to bundle up in on those days that you brave the chill outdoors?

This impossibly soft scarf hails from Foxford Woollen Mills in Co. Mayo, and comes in the most dazzling shade of aquamarine – a personal favourite of mine! It’s the perfect accessory for an outfit that is elegantly cosy – keeping you snug and stylish with every step. If you know someone who dreads that cold commute to work each morning, this would be a heart (and neck) warming way to brighten their day - and let them know that you’re thinking of them always.

If you could be on the receiving end of one of the gorgeous little gifts above, which would you choose and why? Let us know in the comments below!



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