How to Invite Irish Healing into your Home

2020 has been a difficult year for many of us and, if you’re anything like me, you will be desperate to hit that ‘restart’ button come New Year. Our next Irish at Heart box is dedicated to Airmid, the ancient Irish goddess of healing, and will revitalise your mind, body and soul just in time to start 2021 on the right foot.

Before your soothing package of Irish wellness lands on your doorstep, you can always make a start on inviting Airmid and her spiritual powers of healing into your home. If you’ve been through any kind of lockdown or confinement this year, you have probably got thoroughly acquainted with your current living space, and perhaps at times – however much you may love it - found it developed negative connotations.

Below I’ve including a few tips and tricks to construct your very own ‘sacred space’ within your home – with an Irish at Heart twist of course! You don’t have to be a yoga master, or spiritual guru to recognise the power of a little bit of ‘me-time’ and having a dedicated spot can sometimes go a long way in helping us leave the worries of the world behind us.


What’s it for?

Before you get started building your ‘Airmid Altar’, take a few mindful minutes to sit and consider what you really want the space to represent in your home.

We’re all different on so many levels, so it makes sense that when we have time to ourselves there will be a large variety of ways in which we choose to spend these moments. If you’re into yoga or pilates then you may want a dedicated space to practice, or perhaps if you’re an avid reader you’ll want a little book nook in which you can get lost in the pages before you.

Setting out an area for these activities gives you a sense of purpose when you enter it and wards off other distractions. For example, if you try meditating in the living room you may well end up being diverted by the television, while journaling at your desk could easily be side-lined by the growing pile of paperwork that you spy out of the corner of your eye!

If home is where the heart is then your sacred space is where your soul is, so make sure it has the freedom to be expressed.


Picking a Place

Once you’ve decided what the function of your sacred space is, you can start thinking about where in your home you can best channel your energy into your chosen task.

Obviously if you have a spare room to hand, you can get started with the Feng Shui and develop your own little Chakra cave, however not many of us have that kind of liberty in the floor plan. The good news is you don’t need masses of space to let your soul roam free – just enough to house yourself and a few choice objects.

If you want to use your space for yoga, make sure that you have enough room for your mat and your body as it moves into different positions. You don’t want to be cramped, but you don’t need a full studio to yourself either.

If you want to spend your time reading, then you may just want to move a couch away from a wall – leaving a cosy gap in which you can arrange a comfy bean bag, some blankets and a pile of books. Similarly, if you are meditating or praying, a window seat provides the stability you need to position your body – and the views you need to inspire your soul.


From the gap under the stairs, to forgotten corner of the garden, your sacred space could materialise in the most unexpected of places – so make sure you consider each and every spot with fresh eyes.

Wherever you pick, bear in a mind a couple of guidelines – firstly, there’s nothing wrong with sharing your space with your partner or children, but if you want to keep it intimate then consider choosing somewhere that is out of the way of communal activities; secondly ensure that you have a small flat surface such as a table or a shelf at your disposal. It will come in handy for our next step….


Make it Irish at Heart

Where better to reconnect with your Irish roots than with a little Emerald Isle in your very own home? Your sacred space is the perfect opportunity to display your favourite treasures that you’ve collected during your Irish at Heart subscription, and lets you appreciate them on a more intimate level.

Pick a few meaningful objects and arrange them on a flat surface within your space, whether it’s a small side table, a windowsill or simply a shelf. If you’ve decided to dedicate your area to reading, then perhaps a few of your favourite Irish novels stacked neatly will help you step into the land of literature, or maybe a gold and green throw over the back of the couch helps to convey a Celtic influence.


Amongst your favourite Irish collectibles be sure to include more personal touches if that is what your soul needs to be at peace. A framed photo of loved ones, a shell collected from a memorable beachside holiday, or even a handwritten inspirational quote that will stimulate mindfulness.

Be creative with your space and experiment to see what works for you - just remember that whatever you pick can be changed to suit your mood, so don’t be tempted to overcrowd your space with a bit of everything. If you do, your motivational message to yourself may be lost in the clutter, and your space could become more of a home for loose ends rather than spiritual reconnection!


Address all the senses

When decorating your space remember that your inner vision stretches far beyond your eyes, and that mindfulness can be invoked with all five senses.

When meditating perhaps you want to light a fresh and vibrant candle, to transport yourself to the shores of the Wild Atlantic Way, or create a playlist of soothing sounds to set the scene for your sacred space. Maybe your soul will know that its home when you pop your toes into a soft pair of slippers, or take a sip of your favourite herbal tea that you reserve for moments just like this.


Everyone will have their own way to invoke that feeling of wellbeing and relaxation, so have a think and a few test-runs to trial what works for you. It may even be a box of chocolates hidden under a cushion from prying eyes, cocoa is as valid a trigger for spiritual healing as anything else – so no judgement here!


Use it

Finally, once you’ve gone to all of the effort of creating your sacred space, make sure that you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy it. With jobs, children, responsibilities and whatever else we have going on in our lives, we can get out of the way of taking time for ourselves as a priority.


Make your healing process part of your weekly or even daily ritual, just as you would schedule in work or shopping. Whether this is taking five minutes every day after your morning shower to prepare yourself for the day ahead, or an hour in the evenings before bed – your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

So grab your mat, book, pen or candles, leave any negative energy at the door, and enter your very own spiritual shrine. After the year you’ve had – you definitely deserve it!


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