Serving up a Farmhouse Supper

With ‘A Morning on the Farm’ being the latest theme for our Irish at Heart subscription box, we thought we’d give you a way to stretch that fresh farm feeling into the evening – with a traditional Farmhouse Supper. This is not the time to fuss about floral arrangements or polished cutlery – set yourself up for a meal where food is the centrepiece, and the only thing that needs to be sparkling is the conversation.

We’ve collated a few recipes below to help you recreate a rustic charm and warm homey ambience at your very own dinner table. Plate presentation has no place in the farmhouse, and all of the produce should be prepared to be shared ‘Family Style’ – so just plunk everything in the middle with plenty of serving spoons and invite your nearest and dearest to dig in.

The key to a good farmhouse supper lies in simply prepared, locally sourced and delicious food in abundance, so your first port of call should be to your local markets, butchers and fruit shops. Or, if you want to bring your produce even closer to home – check out our tips for growing your own edible garden.

Starting Off

There’s no more welcoming way to start a meal than with a warming bowl of homemade vegetable soup. Simply cook up a vat of this delicious recipe from Donal Skehan and ladle it out - leaving the pot close at hand for second helpings of course. Don’t be scared to sub in similar vegetables if that’s what you have to hand – rustic cuisine is all about being creative with what’s in the cupboards!

If you’ve got a bit of time, then we highly recommend investing it in creating a scrumptious homemade loaf for tearing and dipping purposes. As well as tasting incredible, there’s simply no substitute for the smell of freshly baked bread when it comes to creating an authentic Irish farmhouse ambience (unless you have a peat fire around somewhere…).

The Main Event

For main course – look no further than the humble but truly satisfying chicken pie. This mouth-watering recipe from Kerrygold is a fuss-free way to impress your family and friends, and is easily adapted for larger (or simply hungrier) crowds. Better yet, if you’ve got a long table why not dish out dinner in two separate pies – minimizing your guests’ need to stretch across for (inevitable) second helpings. Again, feel free to skip or add to the mushrooms in the recipe with whatever happens to be in your fridge – ham and leeks being tempting options!

If you don’t happen to have your very own laying hens in the back garden, then grab the freshest eggs you can get your hands on to whip up a tasty vegetarian option. Quiche is a farmhouse classic which is easily adapted to seasonal produce – but if you fancy a quirky twist, we recommend trying this Guinness Cheddar, potato and onion quiche recipe. If you can’t get a hold of Guinness Cheddar, then simply simmer your onions with a few enthusiastic splashes of The Black Stuff to infuse them with flavour.

No need to worry about wastage if there are only a few vegetarians present though, this dish can be heated up or eaten cold for lunch the next day. But we dare-say that the meat-eaters amongst you will be more than willing to lend a helping hand…

On the Side

When it comes to side dishes, we of course are going to strongly recommend a portion of potatoes. While we opted for mash in our St Patrick’s Day menu, we’re going to stand firmly on the side of boiled and buttery new potatoes in this instance.

New potatoes are in season from April until July - so it’s the perfect time to be snacking on these smaller spuds. Simply wash, rinse and boil them whole – dressing them with salt, butter and your choice of

fresh herbs as soon as they’re cooked and pile them up on a platter ready for serving. If you fancy showing off a little bit more, then feel free to indulge in this zesty salad – which also incorporates asparagus, spinach and just a touch of feta.

As for other vegetables, we would recommend just keeping it simple and plentiful. This handy guide tells you what’s in season and when so you can be sure of serving up the tastiest veg all year round. You can even mix it up with a medley, tossing your choice of vegetables with oil and seasoning before popping them on an oven tray to roast and crisp up.

Home Sweet Home

It wouldn’t be a homecooked meal without a pudding to top it all off, and your friends and family will always have room for a spot of this Irish Apple Crumble Cake. This recipe turns the modest apple crumble into a baking showstopper – without losing any of its classic country charm.

By this point all of your guests should be satiated with good food, and excellent conversation – however it’s not uncommon for wine to flow, stories to be served up and memories to be shared long after the plates have been cleared. If this is the case, then you can always have a pot of jam prepared for when those midnight munchies kick in. Be sure to check out Darina Allen’s tips for the perfect batch, made with your soft fruit of choice.

After all, what better way to round off a farmhouse supper then with hot toast generously slathered with homemade jam and perhaps a glass of fresh milk? You get bonus points if you made the bread for toasting by yourself, but we’ll let you off if the milk was store-bought, unless you actually do live on a farm…  


  • I really enjoy Irish food and would appreciate any recipes that I could make. Thank you.

    Kimberly Hoatlin
  • Hello. Love Ireland. Went to school in Dublin.

  • Love some new Irish Recipe especially for Brown Bread and a White BreD. Thanks

    Mary T
  • Love some new Irish Recipe especially for Brown Bread and a White BreD. Thanks

    Mary T