The Bean Feasa Gift Guide

Back in ancient Celtic times it was customary to gift the goddesses in your life with humble tokens of appreciation, to thank them for the fortune, wisdom, wealth or kindness that they had bestowed on you as part of their divine duties.

This is a tradition that I think is well due a revival, especially this month as we celebrate Bean Feasa; the wise, strong, loving and creative women that play such an important part in all of our lives. They come in all ages, forms, and relationships – but these special mothers, sisters, buddies and all-round feminine forces deserve to be recognised, and how better to do so then with a nod to her Irish ancestors?

Of course, if you’re looking to offer up a regular reminder of how much she is appreciated, you can’t go wrong with an Irish at Heart subscription – which will deliver a hand curated box of treasures to her door each and every month. In the mean-time, I have drawn up the Bean Feasa gift guide, to help you find the perfect way to honour the wise women in your life.

For the Bean Feasa Pin-Up

We’re going to start with a nod to perhaps the original Bean Feasa, the Celtic goddess Brigid (who is heavily associated with the latter-day St. Brigid of Kildare). In Irish mythology she was a notable member of the Tuatha de Dannnan faerie race, and was celebrated for her wisdom, creativity and healing powers – making her an ideal influencer for this particular month’s theme!



If a woman close to you deserves a medal for their strength and wisdom, then I can think of no decoration more fitting than this gorgeous St Brigid’s Cross Brooch, which was originally included in our Imbolc box last year. A timely inclusion as Imbolc occurs on the first of February – the feast day of both of these renowned Brigids!  

However, if you have your heart set on this particular gift then please don’t delay – as there are only 20 left in stock…  



A Rare Bird


While we’re on the subject of Irish mythology, this darling necklace is a beautiful reminder of one of Ireland’s best loved stories: “The Children of Lir”.

Originally included in our “12 Days of Christmas” box, to represent the seven swans-a-swimming, the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noted that there are actually just four birds encased within this elegant design - a subtle nod to the quartet of cygnet siblings.

The silver-plated pendant is a thoughtful addition to anyone’s jewellery collection, and adds a tasteful touch of whimsy to your appearance. She who wears it around her neck can hold her Irish heritage close to her heart, with a charm as graceful as the creatures that it represents.


For the Creature of Comfort

Sometimes the greatest gift is simply a cosy night in, shrouded in love; which is exactly where this luxury pink throw comes in.


Originally gifted to our Irish at Heart family in this year’s Grá (meaning love) box, this soft and beautifully patterned material was a huge hit with subscribers and is now an essential addition to my own living room couch!

Whether you snuggle under it for a winter movie marathon, take it out to the garden to ward away any chills on a cooling summer night, or simply add a blush of colour to a cosy corner of your home - it’s the perfect touch of comfort for all seasons.


If there’s someone in your life that you always reach out to for words of comfort, repay them with a luxurious little comfort of their own, without having to utter a single syllable.

A Sweet Gesture

Just looking for a wee minding to acknowledge a good deed? What woman doesn’t need an extra serving of chocolate in her life? Especially when they are as delicious as these Dark Chocolate Coconut and Sea Salt Caramels which have been lingering on our minds and tastebuds ever since April’s box of An Fharraige!


These scrumptious snacks really have the best of both worlds; combining a slight kiss of sea salt (reminiscent of the wild waters of the Atlantic), with a tranquil touch of coconut to put you into a tropical state of mind.

They really are the perfect little way to simply say “I’m thinking of you” – and afterall, is that what a gift should always be?



Indulge Their Inner Warrior

The traditional Bean Feasa were greatly admired as healers of the Irish people, and their knowledge of plant’s restorative properties were unparalleled. However, sometimes these wise women are so busy taking care of others that they forget about number one - and its our job to remind them!


This luxurious lotion bar was part of our Airmid offering in January, and is infused with the moisturising benefits of humble Irish beeswax, as well as the healing powers of ylang-ylang. Combine those with the heavenly scent of sweet orange and you’ve got yourself the world’s most therapeutic shower!

The delicate flower shaped bar melts into the skin under the warm water, creating a soothing barrier to prepare you to face the day ahead. Rather like a scented suit of armour for all those brave and powerful Bean Feasas of the modern age.

It even comes with a luxurious perfume oil, to dab a little bit reinforcement on your soul when you need it the most.


For the Natural Co-Ordinator

Keys, phone, cash, mask – the list of things to grab as we run out the door to embark on another busy adventure are seemingly endless!


This gorgeous little clutch bag was designed especially for our Burren box, and is inspired by the most wonderful shades and textures of Irish nature. It also happens to be the perfect size for all of your daily necessities – and perhaps even a few extras.

With two contrasting sides the fashion-conscious Bean Feasa in your life can match it with a variety of outfits both smart and casual, bringing a little spark of the Emerald Isle to her style.


However, just like the landscape itself, the Burren Bag is versatile and adaptable to its environment, and can also be used as a cosmetics case, a papers pouch or even a tablet tote!

Think Inside the Box

Still deciding on the perfect pressie? Well then, you just can’t go wrong with our special edition women’s collection, which has a little bit of everything to delight that lovely lady in your life – be it your wife, your mother, or a very dear friend.


It has bottled up the treasure of eternal youth, with a glowing range of skincare products designed to uplift and revitalise the visage – while lending a subtle touch or Ireland to her daily regime.

She can take a walk on the wild side with a discovery collection of The Burren Perfumery scents, featuring a total of seven different fragrances – which could be a new aromatic adventure for each day of the week!



Now that’s she’s been perfumed and pampered she can strut her stuff with a stylish summer scarf which has been handcrafted from the finest Irish linen, lending a dream-like floatiness to her new favourite accessory. You can even choose which colour you think she’d prefer, but don’t worry – with a choice between warm nectarine and popping fuchsia, there isn’t a wrong option!

Last but not least, the experience is topped off with a little bite of luxury ,with a generous helping of pretty prosecco biscuits which are delightfully buttery and boozy in equal measures - the perfect way for your Bean Feasa to spoil herself. Who knows, she could be so grateful with her Irish at Heart offerings that she might just share one with you…

Of course if you are a wise woman yourself there are certainly no laws against indulging in a little gift for yourself – it’s what the Irish goddesses of yore would have wanted, I’m certain!




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