Things All Irish Grannies Say

Our post about 'Things all Irish Mother's Say' was so popular, we thought we would treat you even more wisdom - this time from your Granny! 


Nothing more mortifying for your Granny than to be last into Mass. What will the neighbours think? 


Always happy to feed you, unless the good biscuits are out for guests coming over.


You will always get a scolding for not using the person's name, especially if it is your Granny! 


Always be grateful for what you have, Granny wasn't so lucky. 


There will be no leftovers at Granny's - you will need to clear your plate or never hear the end of it. 


No question strikes fear in your heart more than having to explain to Granny you haven't been to mass since Easter...


Delivering bad news is one of Granny's strong points. You DO know her. 

Even if it has been 5 years since you last had sugar in your tea, you have changed, and Granny is not impressed.


From having a cold to a big job interview, Granny has your back.



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