When You'll Get Your Box & How Much We Charge

At Irish at Heart, we have always sought to find the quickest and most intuitive shipping solution possible, whilst remaining economical. This has been particularly important to us during the COVID pandemic.

Hassle-free shopping and shipping is a key factor in the Irish at Heart experience so your green boxes arrive at your door safely. Below, you can read about the shipping solution we have in place which we believe is a wonderful balance of speed, cost and detail filled tracking information.

Shipping Schedule

We have two batches of shipments in any given month. Batch 1 ships around the 18th of each month, and this will include all orders placed up until the 15th of each month, as well as all renewals which process on the 15th of each month. For example, our March box "Glás" Batch 1 shipped on February 19th. This would be expected to arrive 10-15 days later, at around the start of March.

Batch 2 ships at the start of the following month, and this includes all orders placed after the 15th of each month up until the end of the previous month. So taking the March box as an example again, Batch 2 shipped on March 3rd. This would also be expected to arrive 10-15 days later, at around the middle of March.


Notifications & Tracking

Once orders are shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email directly to your inbox, with a link that allows you to track your order from start to finish. For orders being sent to the United States, delivery is handled by FedEx and you can use our tracking number on the FedEx website once it has entered their network. You can see an example of tracking detail below.


Costs & Upgrade Options

Shipping per package to the United States is currently at $15 currently, and this includes a COVID surcharge which we hope will be reduced shortly. Whilst we charge a flat rate of $15, heavier boxes (depending on the goodies inside!) can cost us more, and we absorb this cost.

We do ship worldwide through Royal Mail's Tracked Services. These vary per country, but the time schedule is identical. Please do be aware of your countries import rules as packages may be liable for costs. Some example costs are highlighted below:

Canada: $25.99 CAD
Mexico: $460 MXN
Australia: $84 AUD
United Kingdom: £8 GBP

If you need an order quicker (and out-with our batch schedules) then please select DHL shipping. This is always calculated per the order weight but prices typically start at $19 for the United States.


Still Got Questions?

If you still have a question that hasn't been answered here, please reach out to our wonderful support team here.


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