Irish Box to Send Abroad

Send an Irish Box abroad to a country of your choice

I am pleased to announce that I am now able send Irish subscription boxes to any location globally.

If you would like to order an Irish box to send abroad, please start your subscription today.


Simply complete the check out, type in the delivery address where your box needs to go, and Irish at Heart will do the rest. Some of the more popular locations I send our monthly Irish boxes abroad to include:


Australia | Canada | UK | USA
Rest of Europe | Rest of the World


irish boxes abroad

The number 1 choice for Irish boxes you can send abroad

"I'm very proud of being Irish and I've always loved Irish creativity in whatever form that takes."


Irish at Heart explores the whole of Ireland to find the most authentic, interesting, and unusual gifts and put them all into one stunning monthly subscription box. Delivered straight to your door, or to a person of your choice, the recipient can sit back, open it up, and enjoy all the Irish themed gifts and treats on offer that month.


Every month we send Irish boxes abroad to people who have Irish heritage, people with a connection to Ireland, or people who simply love Irish produce.


Each monthly box we send is different, and includes a variety of gifts, snacks, drinks, wearables, and ornaments. You’re guaranteed a delivery of Irish-themed items that you can proudly display in your home, wear out and about, or even have a nibble on.

How it works

1. We curate 

Our team scours the Emerald Isle to bring you an unusual selection of Irish creativity to wear, share, use and display and bring you closer to your heritage.

2. We deliver to your door 

Once we have curated the best Irish box we can, the month’s orders are shipped across the ocean to you. The boxes are sent out during the first week of the month and take between 10 to 15 days to arrive.

 3. You enjoy

Once the green box arrives at your door the pleasure is all yours. You can sit back, open, and enjoy the surprise. Many of our subscriber will also send boxes to friends and family abroad so they can also enjoy a taste of Ireland - join the rest of the community on our social channels and share your favourite items.