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Ireland is synonymous with the colour green - Glás in Irish. Its gorgeous rolling hills, its charming patchwork quilt farmlands, its glorious gardens and yes even its shamrocks all add up to a stunningly green landscape worthy of the name "The Emerald Isle."

We not only celebrate Ireland's national colour, but we are also celebrating her lovely landscape by searching out suppliers who value sustainability, source locally and do their bit to keep Ireland green.

What better month than that of our Patron Saint. We think St. Patrick would approve!

This little green curation is valued at $72.

Worth $72, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $72


Aisling is the lovely Irish word for a 'dream' or a 'vision'.

Our luxurious box curation is valued at $85 and will bring you everything you need for the ultimate dose of self-care and to help you get ready for a dreamy night of sleep.

Indulge in a little me-time with our 'Aisling' box, or gift it to someone special in your life who deserves to pamper themselves.

Worth $72, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $72

Lighthouses of Ireland

Our lovely ‘Lighthouses of Ireland,’ is inspired by the many beautiful lighthouses that are dotted around the coastline. Join us as we drift away to some of Ireland’s most serene places, all whilst breathing in that invigorating salty sea air. Who’s excited!?

The artisan gifts inside our wonderful curation are valued at $67 and is perfect for resetting, refreshing and recharging.

Worth $68, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $68

An Irish Winter Wonderland

This box is dedicated to those Irish Winter Wonderland moments, with each object aimed at capturing a twinkling of how it feels to be amidst a snowy Irish Christmas.

Whether you share them with loved ones, or bundle them all together for the full Nollaig experience.

Worth $80, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $80

Sunrise Over
Ireland's Ancient East

Our November theme is ‘Sunrise Over Ireland’s Ancient East,’ and is celebration of Ireland’s most sacred and mythical landscape.

The items inside this box have been handmade with love from small businesses and artisans in County Meath!⁠ Travel to a landscape as old as time with November’s curation of unique Irish gifts to explore the Land of 5,000 Dawns and the Boyne Valley.

Worth $76, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $76

An Ghealach / The Moon

The theme for this lovely curation is ‘The Moon,’ also known as ‘An Ghealach’ (an gyal-akh) in Irish. For the ancient Celts, the moon held particular sway and signs of this reverence can be found through out Irish history and folklore.

Filled to the brim with magical handmade treasures from Irish artisans and businesses, each item has been lovingly created (and some have even been hand carved)!

Shop Now to receive your gorgeous box of magic and moonlight!

Worth $87, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $87

Bean Feasa / Wise Woman


We took inspiration from strong, creative Irish women to curate this wonderful box. Each of the beautiful gifts included in our selection has been created and designed by talented and artistic Irish women.


Worth $69, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $69

Lúnasa / The Harvest

Lúnasa is a Celtic fire festival and celebration in Ireland which marks the beginning of the harvest season. Each item in our Lúnasa curation is a celebration of nature, the land and the harvest, all brought to you through the creative craftmanship which flows through the Emerald Isle.

Included are Irish gifts honours traditions which are still held in high regard today during Lúnasa; a ritual of gratitude, joy, abundance and blessings. Our wonderful Lúnasa box is filled with handmade items from local Irish businesses and artisans.

Worth $69, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $69

Cairdeas / Friendship

The theme for this curation was Cairdeas, which is the beautiful Irish word for friendship. Honour and celebrate the lasting bond of true friendship, in all its forms, with the perfect selection of unique and handmade Irish gifts - some inspired by friendships, others perfect for sharing, and of course, all ideal for gifting.

The most precious gift is friendship itself, but we think our little box of Cairdeas is a valuable accompaniment. Fashioned and filled with love from Ireland, each item inside this gorgeous box has been inspired in its own way by friendship.

Worth $69, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $69

The Burren

We travelled to the Burren in County Clare to experience it’s enthralling beauty and culinary delights. The karst landscape of the Burren is like nowhere else in the world, so we curated a truly unique box to honour this magical land.

Our Burren themed box is full of gorgeous Summery treats that have been created by small businesses and artisans who are inspired by the incredible limestone rocks, vibrant wildflowers and ancient plateau of the Burren.

Worth $78, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $78

A Bloomsday Celebration

Our Bloomsday box was curated to honour Irish novelist James Joyce and his masterpiece, Ulysses.

Our gorgeous selection of Irish gifts will help you prepare for your very own Bloomsday, which is celebrated in Dublin and around the world on June 16th.

This box can be enjoyed by everyone - whether you’re on your third reading of Ulysess or have no intention of reading it! Neither excluses you from exploring James Joyce’s Dublin and revelling in a Bloomsday Celebration that is truly Irish at Heart.

Worth $70, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $70

An Fharraige / The Sea

‘An Fharraige’ is Irish for ‘The Sea', and this lovely curation is dedicated to the beauty and depths. With this box, you can escape to the windswept cliffs, sandy beaches and sleepy fishing villages of Ireland’s stunning.

Our An Fharraige box is jam-packed with gorgeous products created by artists and artisans who all find inspiration from their magical surroundings.

Worth $78, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $78

St. Patrick’s Day

It’s our favourite time of year! This St. Patrick’s Day celebration in a box helped to set the perfect tone on the day of our patron saint.

This extra special box is filled with Irish charm and culture to help you celebrate the spirit of the Irish at home. Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy our wonderful celebration of goodies.

Worth $75, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $75

Grá / Love

Grá is the Irish word for love - a gorgeous little word with big meaning.

We went all in with love for this box, whether romantic, affectionate, love of nature, literature, craft, or just immeasurable love for Ireland herself - we want to celebrate it! So go ahead and share the love, Irish style, with our gorgeous box of goodies, curated with love.

Worth $67, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $67

Airmid / Irish Goddess of Healing

This wonderful curation is perfect to breathe deeply, and start on a path of self healing, in a joyful, mindful manner; all while celebrating the ancient Irish goddess of healing, Airmid.

Airmid was designed to encourage positivity and healing.

Worth $90, yours for just $55 + P&P

RRP of $90

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