Our Previous Boxes

We keep every Irish at Heart box a mystery until everyone has received their box.
If you're reminiscing about previous boxes or curious what could be arriving at your door this month, check out these previous delightful deliveries.

June/ Meitheamh ’21 - The Burren

For June’s box, we travelled to the Burren in County Clare to experience it’s enthralling beauty and culinary delights. The karst landscape of the Burren is like nowhere else in the world, so we curated a truly unique box to honour this magical land.

Our Burren themed box is full of gorgeous Summery treats that have been created by small businesses and artisans who are inspired by the incredible limestone rocks, vibrant wildflowers and ancient plateau of the Burren.

This box contained:

Burren Bag - Irish at Heart
Burren Print - Sorrell Reilly
Burren Flowers Bookmark - Sorrell Reilly
Seaweed Face & Body Oil - Wild Irish Seaweeds
Sea Salad - Wild Irish Seaweeds
Burren Summer Cocktail - Burren Balsamics

With an RRP over $78 our members were delighted with this box.

May/ Bealtaine ’21 - A Bloomsday Celebration

Our May box has been curated to honour Irish novelist James Joyce and his masterpiece, Ulysses.

Our gorgeous selection of Irish gifts will help you prepare for your very own Bloomsday, which is celebrated in Dublin and around the world on June 16th. This box can be enjoyed by everyone - whether you’re on your third reading of Ulysess or have no intention of reading it! Neither excluses you from exploring James Joyce’s Dublin and revelling in a Bloomsday Celebration that is truly Irish at Heart.

This box contained:

Romping Through Ulysses - At it Again!
James and Nora Tote Bag - At it Again!
His and Hers Notebooks - At it Again!
Leopold’s Lemon Lather - Palm Free Irish Soap
James Joyce Key Chain - Irish at Heart
Scone Mix - Big Red Kitchen
Golden Egg - Pandora Bell

With an RRP over $70 our members were delighted with this box.

April/ Aibreár ’21 - An Fharraige - The Sea

Our April box is dedicated to the beauty and depths of ‘An Fharraige’ which is Irish for ‘The Sea.’  With this box, you can escape to the windswept cliffs, sandy beaches and sleepy fishing villages of Ireland’s stunning.

Our An Fharraige box is jam-packed with gorgeous products created by artists and artisans who all find inspiration from their magical surroundings.

This box contained:

Sea Grass Fish - The Irish Handmade Glass Company
Sea Life Cards - Kilcoe Studios
The Scent of the Sea - Field Day Ireland
Irish Seaweed Handcream - Green Angel
Cleeve’s Irish Confectionery Dark Chocolate Coconut and Sea Salt Caramels - Cleeve’s Irish Confectionery

With an RRP over $78 our members were delighted with this box.

March/ Márta ’21 - St. Patrick’s Day

It’s our favourite time of year! March’s delivery was a laid back St. Patrick’s Day celebration in a box that helped to set the perfect tone on the day of our patron saint.

This extra special box is filled with Irish charm and culture to help you celebrate the spirit of the Irish at home. Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy our wonderful celebration of goodies.

This box contained:

A Painterly Scarf - Patrick Frances
“I Feel Lucky” Clover Candle - Field Day
A Cup of Celebratory Tea - Barry’s Tea
Irish Lucky Hearts Magnet & Lapel Pins - Irish at Heart Original
Mature Cheddar Cheese & Onion Crisps/ Chips - Keogh’s

With an RRP over $75 our members were delighted with this box.

February/Feabhra '21 - Grá

Grá is the Irish word for love - a gorgeous little word with big meaning, & perfectly fitting for the month of Feabhra.

We went all in with love this month, whether romantic, affectionate, love of nature, literature, craft, or just immeasurable love for Ireland herself - we want to celebrate it! So go ahead and share the love, Irish style, with our gorgeous box of goodies, curated with love.

This box contained:

"Irish Love Affair" Card - At It Again
Luxury Pink Throw - Celtore Crafts
Original Rose Turkish Delights - Hadji Bey
Set of Magnet & Lapel Pins - Irish at Heart Original
Heart Shaped Mo Chroí Wooden Tealight Holder - SamAgus Nessa

With an RRP over $67 our members were delighted with this box.

January/Eanair '21 - Airmid

Normally when we think about January, I think cold, dreary, and, ugh, those dreaded New Year's resolutions. We are all a little bruised & battered after last year. Missing friends and family, obviously, but also, just missing the silly little nothing moments that you never noticed added up to so much.

With that, we decided to kick off New Year with some serious positivity! Let's all brush ourselves off, breathe deeply, and start on a path of self healing, in a joyful, mindful manner; all while celebrating the ancient Irish goddess of healing, Airmid.

This box contained:

Badly Made Books - 2021 Dandelion Diary
Beeswax Moisturiser Lotion & Luxury Perfume Oil
By Time is Everything Revealed & Other Irish Proverbs for Mindful Living
Siobhain Steele - Ceramic Message Bottle
Suki Tea Makers - Apple Loves Mint Tea

With an RRP over $90 our members were delighted with this box.

December '20 - 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me....
An Irish at Heart Subscription Box!

Whether for yourself, or someone near and dear, our December box was the perfect Christmas treat!

Inspired by Dhá Lá Dhéag Na Nollag (The Twelve Days of Christmas), it was filled to the brim with the finest Irish Artisan gifts to help make your Christmas celebrations truly Irish at Heart!

Nollaig Shona Daoibh!

This box contained:

Maple Tree Pottery - Pair of Ceramic Dove Ornaments
Suki Tea Makers - Partridge in a Pear Tree Tea 20g
Celtore Crafts - Silver Plated Swan Necklace
Kilcoe Studios - Set of 12 Mini Xmas Cards
Lismore Food Co - Dark Chocolate Apple Thins

With an RRP over $80 our members were delighted with this box.

November '20 - An Irish Turn of Phrase

"C’mere to me!"
Have you ever been in conversation with an Irishman(or woman) and wondered;“What in God’s holy name are they on about? I haven’t a notion!” Sure look it, you’re not alone, sure you’re not! We’re here to help!

This month we dove into the sometimes strange, occasionally wonderful, and often funny things that Irish people say!

This box contained:

"Feck It, Sure It's Grand" Tea Towel - GrandGrand
"That's Gas" Socks - Irish Socksciety
The Picture of Dorian Bay Rose Geranium & Bay - Literary Lip Balm
Irishism's Everything We Say In Ireland - Ronan Moore
"Whats the Craic?" Craic Map of Ireland - Jumbleink
+ The Irish at Heart Gazette

With an RRP over $59 our members were delighted with this box.

October '20 - Faeries & Folklore

If you've ever been curious of the stories of faeries, giants and magical fish, then this would have been the box for you! Everyone needs a little magic in their lives, and Ireland is steeped in magic, from faeries hidden amongst the Hawthorn trees to ancient waters teeming with knowledge.

Our members discovered Ireland's magical past (& present), with products sourced from some of our favourite small businesses and creators in the Emerald Isle.

This box contained:

Meab Enamels Tir na nÓg earrings
Gill Books Meeting The Other Crowd Exclusive Size Copy
Caulfield Country Boards Wooden Engraved Salmon of Knowledge Notebook
Caulfield Country Boards Wooden Engraved Sidhe Spiral Bookmark
Caulfield Country Boards Wooden Engraved Sidhe Spiral Pencil
Miena's Almond & Pistachio Nougat
+ The Irish at Heart Gazette

With an RRP over $59 our members were delighted with this box.

September '20 - Spinning a Yarn

As Ireland entered fall (or Autumn!), we took a ramble through rugged hillsides dotted black & white with our favourite woolly friends, in our Spinning a Yarn themed September delivery.

Our members discovered the story of Irish sheep, woollen crafts, & stories, and was enjoyed by over 1600 members, our biggest delivery yet!

This box contained:

Foxford Woollen Mills Lambswool Scarf
Pippa Sweeney Framed Felt Sheep Art
Shamrock Gifts Woolly Sheep
Kenmare Soaps Little Baaa of Felted Soap
Keoghs Mature Cheddar Cheese & Onion Crisps/Chips
+ The Irish at Heart Gazette

With an RRP over $67 our members were delighted with this box.

August '20 - A Soft Day

As the Summer season in Ireland rolled to a close, we rolled out one of our favourite deliveries yet. A simply stunning selection of products inspired by Ireland's unique weather, the romantic 'Soft Day,' often associated with the Emerald Isle.

This box contained:

  • Soilse Candles Soft Day Candle
    Maeb Enamels Raindrop Pendant
    Celtore Crafts Irish Weather Magnet
    12 Quail Farm Rosemary Clover Soap
    Rachel Webb Ceramics Ceramic Raindrop
    + The Irish at Heart Gazette

With an RRP over $74 our members were delighted with this box!

July '20 - Ceol agus Craic

We all know the Irish love music. We are a lyrical people and music, or ceol, has always played an important role in Irish life and culture. For our July box, we chose to go on a whistle-stop tour through the history of Irish music! Beidh ceol, caint agus craic againn! (We’ll have music, chat, & craic)

This box contained:

  • Irish at Heart Original Brian Boru Harp
  • Irish at Heart Original Fiddle Magnet & Bottle Opener
  • Jumbleink Set of Luxury Postcards
  • Moher Soap Co. Mint Solid Moisturiser
  • Moher Soap Co. Garden Mint & Eucalyptus Natural

With an RRP over $59 our members were delighted with this box!

June '20 - A Morning on the Farm

For our June box, we chose the theme of A Morning on the Farm! The early morning crowing of a rooster - a farm awakens, sleepy eyed animals & farmers alike prepare for the day ahead.
There's nothing like spending time in an Irish farm, and our box told that story!

This box contained:

  • Caulfrield Country Boards Egg Holders
  • Ulster Weavers Cotton Apron
  • Mileeven Irish Cream Liqueor Honey with Honey Dipper
  • Crop Candles Grass Scented Soy Candle

With an RRP over $59 our members were delighted with this box!

May '20 - Cupán Tae

For our May box, we chose the theme of Cupán Tae! Ireland drinks the most amount of tea per country in the world- so what better way to celebrate than a traditional selection of drink-related goodies!

This box was adored by our members. As many were at home due to the extremely sad global pandemic- this little box of green joy sparked some excitement during stay at home orders.

  • Shannonbridge Pottery Sugar Bowl & Creamer Gift Set
  • Ulster Weavers Wildflower Tea Towel
  • Solaris Tea Organic Earl Grey Leaf Tea
  • Solaris Tea Flowering Tea Buds
12 Quail Farm Bunch of Lavender Soap

With an RRP over $65 our members were delighted with this box!

April '20 - Children of Lir

Our April delivery was dedicated to traditional Irish mythology, highlighting one of the most famous tales, Children of Lir. We felt it was only right to dedicate our April box to the bittersweet tale of love and loss. This box contained a mix delicate and ornate items with fun treats. Delivered to over 1100 members with some delays due to Covid-19, this box was loved when finally received by all!

The Irish Handmade Co. Children of Lir Glass Swan
Lismore Food Company Lemon Polenta Luxury Biscuits
Kenmore Soap Company Lavender Felted Pebble Marble
Copy of Pocket Irish Legends
Mella's Irish Butter Fudge
Suzie Sullivan from Derryaun Crafts's Swan Card

With an RRP over $68 our members were delighted with this box!

March '20 - St Patrick's Day

Our March delivery was filled with St Patrick's Day treats. For our Márta box, we decided to have a huge celebration in honour of St Patrick and to enjoy St Patrick's Day. The March delivery was filled with little treasures to help you embrace your Irish Spirit. Beautifully packaged and enjoyed by our community with over 1000 boxes sent, our biggest month yet!

Caulfield Country Boards Celtic Cross
Hand Painted Ogham Wishes Ogham Art
Connemara Marble Shamrock Keyring
Seymours Shamrock Shortbread
Aventurine Energy Stones
12 Qual Farm Donkey Milk Soap

With an RRP over $65 our members were delighted with this box!

February '20 - Imbolc

Our February box was themed all around St Brigid's & Imbolc. We were inspired by the way in which the Irish seamlessly intermingle Celtic mythology, Religious traditions, & contemporary culture to create truly special moments. Again, all of our selections, beautifully packaged were enjoyed by our our subscribers – like a spring cleaning for the soul!

Slated Copper Original Candle Holder
Saint Brigid's Irish Cross Brooch
Rose Quartz Energy Bracelet
Solaris Botanical Herbal Tea
Palm Free Irish Rosewater Soap

With an RRP over $70 our members were delighted with this box!

January '20 - Sláinte

For our Eanáir box, the first of 2020, we celebrated not only new beginnings, but our Irish heritage & culture - ancient & new. We celebrated our journey so far & the unknown journey ahead of us. We celebrated possibilities. We celebrated friendship, old & new. We celebrated all we hold dear. We celebrated life!

Connemara Marble Whiskey Stones
Irish Chandler Sláinte Candle
Irish Whiskey Marmalade
Sacred Sites 2020 Diary & Notebook
Original Celtic Pen

With an RRP over $70 our members thought the Sláinte box was superb!

December '19 - Nollaig

For the month of December,”Mí na Nollag,” is a festive feast for the senses, the heart, & the soul! For our first Christmas box, we pulled out all of the stops. So set a Christmas candle in the window, set the mince pies & a glass of Guinness out for Daidí na Nollaig and enjoy this box!

Deep Red Winter Scarf
Handmade Glass Tree Bauble
An Spideog Bheag Pin
Féile Soap from Palm Free Handmade Irish Soap
Leprechaun Christmas Ornament and Magnet

With an RRP over $66 our members went crazy for Christmas with this box!

November '19 - Granny's Cottage

There’s no place like home, and there’s no home quite like Granny’s Cottage. Our November theme was all about our favourite comforts; a pot of soup on the stove, wrapping yourself in a handmade blanket, and settling down by the fire with family. For this box, we wanted to transport our Irish family to the comfort and joy of an Irish home on Sunday afternoon.

Irish Cottage Turf Burner
Big Red Kitchen Brown Soda Bread Mix
Irish Blessings Tea Towel
The Dingle Candle Luxury Scented Sachet
Connemara Marble Worry Stone

With an RRP over $71 our members were delighted with this box!

October '19 - Samhain

Halloween first originated from the festival of Samhain so we thought it was only right to make it the theme of our October box! The Samhain Festival marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter. Many of the traditions from then still remain today. We invited our customers to revel in the sights, scents and tastes of Samhain.

Enamel Ring by Meab Enamels
Big Red Kitchen Brown Soda Bread Mix
Celtic Ore Crafts Coin Purse
At it Again! Romping Through Dracula Book
Baressential Soap, Ginger Spice Beauty Bar

With an RRP over $67 our members were overjoyed for our October box!

Sep '19 - Wild Atlantic Way

For our September box we showed our subscribers the sights, the tastes, & the scents of The Wild Atlantic Way with our selection of Artisan products. From Ireland’s most southwesterly point to its northernmost point, to travel the Wild Atlantic Way is to make a journey like no other!

Wild Atlantic Glass Lovebird
Mungo Murphy's Sea Bag
Nourishing Seaweed Mask
Cliffs of Moher Postcard
Truly Wilde Handmade Chocolate

With an RRP over $62 our members went wild for this box!

August '19 - Shamrock

The theme of our August box was the humble shamrock (or 'seamróg' in Irish) and featured a very special selection of gifts that we hope bring our subscribers luck and joy! Did you know
all shamrocks are actually clovers, but not all clovers are shamrocks?

Trinity Jewellery Shamrock Earrings & Pendant
The Irish Chandler Little Shamrock Candle
Shamrock Guide & Postcards
Duffy Bookbinders Hand Bound Notebook

With an RRP over $63 our members were surely delighted with this box!

July '19 - Dublin

In our July box, we took our subscribers on a tour of Dublin! Famous for its historic landmarks, cobblestone lanes, literary giants - and of course, the “craic” our box was a celebration of Ireland's most iconic city, and filled with items from the city itself!

Jando Designs Dublin Town Tote
Copy of 'Romping Through Gulliver's Travels'
Doors of Dublin Tea Towel
Temple Bar Fridge Magnet
Dalkey Handmade Soaps Green Shampoo Bar

With an RRP over $59 our members were dazzled by Dublin in this box!

June '19 - Flora & Fauna

Celebrating Ireland’s summer bloom, our June box was packed with gifts paying homage to flora and fauna. With a beautiful selection of things to keep, use or gift, our June box was a unique way to celebrate Irish summer – no matter where in the world you were!

Handmade Teach Candle Holder
Brookefield Farm Beeswax Dipped Candles
The Lake Isle of Innisfree Print
Irish Wildflower Notecards
Field Day Scented Drawer Sachets

With an RRP over $62 our members were delighted with this follow up box!

May '19 - Celtic Summer

For our first ever Irish at Heart delivery, we wanted to herald in the summer in the ancient Celtic way. Think summer evening bonfires, indulgent scents and the days beginning to stretch longer and longer. Here's what was in our May box for just 45 members!

Celtic Green Pashmina
Palm Free Aritsan Irish Soaps
Celtic Ore Sun Catcher
Celtic Ore Bracelet
Hand Wrapped Coasters
Young Molly Malone Fridge Magnet

With an RRP over $57 our members were in-love with this new box!

New Boxes Every Month

With a new theme and mystery to unpack every month, there's never been a better time to subscribe to Irish at Heart. With over 1000 members, you'll get access to curated gifts every month. With a unique blend of traditional and contemporary items to enjoy, it's the best way to enjoy your traditional Irish roots!