A St. Paddy’s Day Afternoon Celebration

A wonderful accompaniment to your monthly subscription or a fabulous stand alone gift for a loved one!

Celebrate St Patrick's Day this year with a little elegance, a little less raucous fun and more chilled out splendour.

This gorgeous Limited Edition box is all you need to set the stage for the perfect afternoon treat of St Patrick’s Day celebrations; full of beautiful artisan products to tickle the senses and invoke your perfect Irish hostess!

A Celebratory Cup

Pouring unending love into all they make, husband & wife team, Nicholas and Susan Mosse, have created a well respected pottery business that continues to grow and blossom even after 40+ years. Located in the stunning county of Kilkenny, Susan's botanical designs are put into the talented hands of husband Nick, where he creates gorgeous, quality pottery for the ages.
We think this lovely clover design is the perfect way to bring a bit of Irish charm to the table this St Patrick's Day & beyond - subtle, but, oh so enchanting!

A Touch of Elegance

Founded by brother & sister team, Sarah and Lorcan Quinn, Enrich & Endure produce gorgeous, contemporary aprons, napkins, and tea towels using only the finest Irish linen.
Honouring the long standing linen craft in Northern Ireland, all their products are handmade with love, care, and an eye for beautiful design in their Co Down studio. This lovely set of linen napkins will add a touch of elegance to any table setting, casual or formal!

Coffee To Make Samuel Beckett Proud

In 2013, Frank & Peter combined their passion for great coffee & their talent for clean, hip design to open Dublin's first micro coffee roastery, Cloud Picker Coffee was born. Each of their blends, all roasted in Dublin taste great! Inspired by Samuel Beckett, or the bridge at least, SAM is a crowd pleaser of a blend with notes of chocolate mousse, walnut, & brown sugar. Served as an espresso or as a filter coffee it is a truly well balanced coffee. Depending on your mood, we think it makes a delicious Irish Coffee just add your favourite uisce beatha!

Disclaimer: Does not contain any nuts/walnuts

A Nostalgic Treat

For many years the beloved jelly star biscuit took pride of place in Jacob’s very popular Afternoon Tea Biscuit Tin. Then, in 2014, it was unceremoniously dropped only to be replaced by just another chocolate bikkie. What followed next was a mixture of panic, disappointment, & anger from the jelly star’s most ardent fans. Hassett’s Bakery in Co Cork, nudged on by their customers, stepped in to save the day, and a new & improved jelly star biscuit was born!
Crumbly, buttery shortbread smothered in creamy milk chocolate, and topped with a handmade raspberry jelly -what more could you want!

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You will receive two beautiful Nicholas Mosse mugs, a set of two gorgeous handmade linen napkins from Enrich & Endure, a 125g bag of freshly roasted whole bean coffee from Cloud Picker & a box of homemade Jelly Star biscuits from Hassett's Bakery.

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