Welcome to Irish at Heart!

Did you get this link from a friend?
Nice! You'll get $10 off your first box.

Welcome to Irish at Heart!

Did you get this link from a friend?
Nice! You'll get $10 off your first box.

The world’s best Irish subscription box

A great big Irish welcome from Irish at Heart! We’re delighted to have you here and know you will love our Ireland subscription box, packed full of Irish themed gifts, delivered monthly from the Emerald Isle 💚

We Curate

We scour the Emerald Isle to pack each Irish box with unusual selection of Irish creativity to wear, share, use and display and bring you closer to your heritage. Place your order before the 1st of next month to guarantee delivery!

We Deliver to Your Door

Once the month’s orders of Irish subscription boxes are complete, we ship them to you. The boxes ship fully tracked from the UK to the USA and take between 10-15 days to arrive.

You Enjoy

When the green Irish box arrives at your door the pleasure is all yours. Sit back, open, and enjoy the surprise – join the rest of the community on our social channels and share your favourite items.

The Irish gift boxes are wonderful!
Each one has been very special.
So much thought and effort put into each delivery! 💚

Founded by Mary Moore

I'm a fifth generation Dubliner now living abroad and the founder of Irish at Heart! Like many people of Irish heritage, I love staying connected to my roots. I love discovering new Irish goods, foods, and crafts. Ireland is always close to my heart.

I work closely with people living and working in Ireland to bring our Irish subscription box members the finest that the country has to offer, alongside sentimental and patriotic gifts too.

When founding Irish at Heart, I wanted to bring a blend of things you could proudly display in your home as well as be gifted to friends and family. This is a genuine passion project for me and my family, and I hope you like what we have to offer. I believe we’ve created the best subscription boxes for Ireland themed gifts in the world.

Consider making every day an Irish Day by signing up for Irish at Heart.

Mary x

So excited to get my Irish gift box every month.
Exceptional quality of items and the personal letter with details makes me feel like I'm there.
Well worth every penny and highly recommend! 🍀

What can you expect?
Here's our October Delivery

If you've ever been curious of the stories of faeries, giants and magical fish, then this would have been the box for you! Everyone needs a little magic in their lives, and Ireland is steeped in magic, from faeries hidden amongst the Hawthorn trees to ancient waters teeming with knowledge.

Our members discovered Ireland's magical past (& present), with products sourced from some of our favourite small businesses and creators in the Emerald Isle.

The Contents

Meab Enamels Tir na nÓg earrings
Gill Books Meeting The Other Crowd Exclusive Size Copy
Caulfield Country Boards Engraved Salmon of Knowledge Notebook
Caulfield Country Boards Wooden Engraved Sidhe Spiral Bookmark
Caulfield Country Boards Wooden Engraved Sidhe Spiral Pencil
Miena's Almond & Pistachio Nougat
+ The Irish at Heart Gazette

  • An RRP value of over $59!

This is, by far, the BEST subscription box.
The items are consistently great
quality and fun! 🇮🇪

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My daughter brought an Irish at Heart box for my Christmas. I love it!
I just received my second box. Everything is wonderful! 💚