Delicious Irish Original Tea by Barry’s Tea

Delicious Irish Original Tea by Barry’s Tea

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Try this tasty blend of Irish tea. Part of March 2021 gift box.

As featured as part of our St. Patrick’s Day box from March 2021 :four_leaf_clover:

A Cup of Celebratory Tea by Barry’s Tea

Some choose Guinness, others whiskey, & still others reach for a good ole cup of tea. Always delicious, always appropriate. There is much good-natured banter over which is best, Barry’s or Lyon’s. Of course, they both have their merits, but Barry’s is always the winner in my eyes! 

Initially included as part of the March 2021 Irish gift box the tea can be bought on its own, or alongside the items in the original box where available. 


Barry’s original tea 

I love all the brilliant posts on Irish-at-heart. I saw their gift boxes and one of them had Barry's Original Irish Tea. I happened to mention in a comment that I had been looking for Barry's Original Irish Tea all over in the USA and in California where I'm from. A very kind person saw my comment and showed me how to order my Tea from them. I received it in less than a week in one of their lovely Green Irish-at-heart boxes. They were so sweet and kind and helpful. Thank you so much to them!” 

Product description: 

40 tea bags 

100% Black Tea*, *50% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ 

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