Irish Cottage Turf Peat Incense Burner

Irish Cottage Turf Peat Incense Burner

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Incense Burner will help you evoke the essence of Ireland in your home

This peat burner was the most popular item in our November Granny's cottage box.

Your very own Irish Cottage!:  From the Turf Peat Incense Co., we send you a little piece of Ireland. A ceramic Irish Cottage completes with chimney & turf so that you can experience our vision of Granny’s Cottage for yourself. From the Irish heartland of County Tipperary where many a cottage and an Irish Granny can be found. “Nil aon tintean mar do tintean fein” or “There is no hearth like your own hearth”  

Our Granny’s cottage box was one of our most popular ever and this was the hero item  - an absolutely fantastic way to evoke rural Ireland regardless of where else in the world you might be. As with all the items in our store this item can be bought on its own, as part of the original box it was initially included with, or as part of your own special Irish pick and mix.  

All you have to do is light the peat, close your eyes and your senses will transport you to a cosy night in an Irish cottage. 


“I am always amazed by the choices you put in our box...It has kept a smile on my face this past year with reminders of my Irish heritage I can touch smell and taste... Thank you!” 

Product dimensions: 

Approximate dimensions of cottage 9cm x 6cm x 6cm 

Weight  .55kg 

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