Jelly Star Biscuits by Hassett’s Bakery

Jelly Star Biscuits by Hassett’s Bakery

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As featured as part of our St. Patrick’s Day box from March 2021 :four_leaf_clover:

For many years the beloved jelly star biscuit took pride of place in Jacob’s very popular Afternoon Tea Biscuit Tin. Then, in 2014, it was unceremoniously dropped only to be replaced by just another chocolate biccie.

What followed next was a mixture of panic, disappointment & anger from the jelly star’s most ardent fans.

Hassett’s Bakery in Co Cork, nudged on by their customers, stepped in to save the day, and a new & improved jelly star biscuit was born! Crumbly, buttery shortbread smothered in creamy milk chocolate, and topped with a handmade raspberry jelly - what more could you want! Thank you Hassett’s!

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